Brand Identity for Conference

Complete visual identity for a Norwegian entrepreneurship conference in Trondheim, Norway.

Project Description

The task for this project was to design a complete visual brand identity for a Norwegian entrepreneurship conference. The idea was to create a conference identity that was based on the connection between Norway and China, at the same time as the identity focuses on start-ups. During the China Entry Challenge, Norway’s top start-up companies will compete to win coveted prizes.

About China Entry Challenge

The Chinese market is expanding and start-up companies’ connection to the market is becoming more and more valuable. China will take over the place of the United States as the world’s largest retail market in 2019, according to a new market report published by the research agency eMarketer. China Entry Challenge introduces growing start-ups to the Chinese market and encourages them to take the next big step by inviting participants to the infamous start-up program China Start under the auspices of CKGSB.

Pitch Competition

Over 20 qualified start-ups competing for an entry into the Chinese market through an exciting evening that includes a pitch competition. Start-up companies present their idea and business model on a stage in front of influential investors and the public. A reputable judging panel of sponsors and partners will evaluate the presentations and rank the start-ups. The best candidates win sponsorship funds for CKGSB’s entrepreneurial program China Start. An immersive program for start-ups and growth companies to learn more about the Chinese market and connect with Chinese investors.