Brand Identity for Finance Blog

Complete brand identity for a Norwegian award-winning finance blog.

Project Description

The task for this project was to design a complete brand identity for a Norwegian online finance blog. The identity consists of logo design, color palette, typography and design elements for use in social media. In addition, a website was designed and developed to construct a gathering place for all articles from Økonomibloggen. It was especially important to bring out financial concepts in a visual way so that the articles are easy to read and engaging.

About Økonomibloggen

Økonomibloggen is an award-winning website within finance. The site aims to help you understand complex financial concepts, improve investment skills, and to teach you how to manage money in everyday life. The articles that are published on the blog are in the fields of personal finance, finance and innovation.

Logo Design

A brand identity was designed with a logo that expresses communication, competence and finances. The logo design therefore combines the elements hand, brain and coins to express this message.